Always Be Learning

I’d like to say that I’m a good learner. I haven’t always been able to say that, especially in school sometimes.

That has changed over time as I’ve gone through my career as a software developer. This field is moving at a frantic pace and if you don’t keep up, you’ll wake up one day and know nothing.

How does anyone keep up with it? The secret is self-education.

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ASP.NET Testing with a Service Layer

Unit testing is becoming a norm for developers and ASP.NET is no different. Although TDD is baked into Ruby on Rails, and some JavaScript frameworks for quite some time now, ASP.NET testing is a new thing for some people.

I’ve recently started a new web project that has a testing setup that has grown into something that’s worth sharing. I’ve expressed my struggles with TDD in the past, but I dedicated myself to testing in this project, no matter the hurdles.

I want to show people that testing a well architected .NET app isn’t complicated and shouldn’t be hard. If thought through smartly, great test coverage is can be a valuable asset in any app. Continue reading

Dojo Widget Lifecycle

Dojo ToolkitWidgets are the basis on which a vast majority of the Dojo Toolkit is based on. If you’re not familiar with Dojo, I would suggest just checking it out then coming back to this post. It’s probably overkill in what it provides for most web apps, but if you’re looking for all-in-one solution, Dojo brings quite a bit to the table.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve done a good amount of work with the ESRI JavaScript API to create maps in the browser. They’ve built the API on top of Dojo so knowing how to create and manage custom widgets was key.

I wanted to make this post as a starting point going forward since I want to share some widgets I’ve written and worked with. Continue reading