Beginner Node.js – Part 1: Install

Beginner Node.js

This is the first in a multi-part series I’ve been wanting to do on beginner Node.js. JavaScript was a language I found interesting. The concepts of callbacks, functions having methods and properties, and a native data store in JSON, were things that set it apart from other languages. There’s been lots of buzz on not just Node.js, but JavaScript as a whole. I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous new JavaScript frameworks and libraries popping up all over the web. Before we start, during this series I’m going to assume you have some knowledge of the JavaScript language. You don’t need to be an expert, but a working familiarity will definitely help. If you haven’t touched JavaScript before, this article from Codetuts outlines a good way to learn the language. Let’s begin. Continue reading

5 Tips to Become a Better JavaScript Developer

js_logoJavaScript is still a mystery to a lot of people. With it’s growing popularity with things like Node.js, Angular.js, and jQuery, people are wanting to know more and more about the language. With more beginners jumping in, there’s room to make mistakes that JavaScript will more than willing let you do. This list is composed of mistakes that I see people make that don’t quite grasp some of the more complicated aspects of JavaScript. Some of these you can implement right now, others take some additional learning. Let’s begin! Continue reading

Setting up Local Git Repository on Windows Server

I just had the experience of getting a local Git repository setup on a Windows Server. Since this is something that I know I’ll probably do in the future, I wanted to document my steps here, not only for myself, but for anyone else that doesn’t really know where to start on getting that up and running. I’ll assume you have some basic knowledge of Git, what it is and how it works. Continue reading