3 Gotchas to Using ES6 Arrow Functions

With the recent release of Node v4 and the finalization of the new JavaScript spec, ES6 arrow functions will start to show up more and more in JavaScript code. If you aren’t familiar, arrow functions are just a way to define a function without needing the function  keyword.

Although it may just look like syntactic sugar, similar to how the new class  keyword is, it does cause the function to behave slightly different. If you aren’t aware of it, those differences could cause some debugging headaches.

Here’s 3 gotchas that you should be on the lookout for. Read More

4 Blogs to Make You a Better Developer

The internet is swarming with fellow developers sharing a number of things, my blog included. This can lead to information overload and not really know what to read and/or follow. Filtering that can be a daunting task and hopefully I can give you a place to start.

I follow a fair number of blogs and that list has grown and shrunk over time. Instead of bombarding you with the full list, I wanted to narrow it down to a select few that follow a certain theme. This is a collection of blogs to make you a better developer, not just from a writing code standpoint, but to enhance your career and be able to think on another level. Let’s get started. Read More

5 Node.js Tips for Newcomers

With the explosion of Node, there are many developers diving into it for the first time. As everyone knows who has developed with Node for some time, there are a few concepts and gotchas that can cause some headaches. Hopefully these will help with some of those problems. Read More

Node Digest Website is Up

I wanted to give an update on the newsletter I started a few weeks ago, Node Digest.

I mentioned before that people could start signing up by sending an email, this is no more. New members can sign up via the shiny, new Node Digest website!

I’ve also sent out a first issue to the early subscribers. To be honest, it was a surprisingly scary to send it out. Writing posts here is always easy for me. More because it’s a reference for myself, but I also know that I can always edit the content later. Not to say that I am not confident in the newsletter, but I have a small feeling of impostor syndrome.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it and I am hopefully  taking steps to getting rid of that feeling. Read More

Ramda: The Essential Functional JavaScript Library

Functional Programming.

You’ve probably heard of it, lots of developers don’t know what it is. It’s programming with functions right?

Lately, I’ve been doing some research on it and how I can use some of those concepts in some of my everyday coding. Although the concept may seem foreign in comparison to normal object-oriented programming, the fundamentals can be mixed in for cleaner code.

I know I’m blabbing about FP, but I wanted to share a JavaScript library I found that has taken the place of Lodash and Underscore in my projects, Ramda. Read More