Desert Code Camp April 2014 Recap

This past weekend was the Desert Code Camp and I just wanted to give a quick recap. It was my first time attending one of these while also my first time presenting.

My Talk

I’ll start this off by going over my talk which was titled ‘Creating Maps Using the ESRI JavaScript API‘. The slides can be found here. I used reveal.js so if you want to view them locally, you will need Node.js.

This was my first time doing a presentation that was longer than 15 minutes which I believe showed through on how much content I had to present. I also felt unprepared in the fact that I had never been to one of these camps, so I didn’t know the caliber of presentations the attendees were expecting.

With all that said, I feel the presentation went well. Had a great handful of people attend and met some interesting new people which is a major upside of presenting these topics. I hope to improve this talk and give it again and maybe you’ll see more talks from me in the future.

The Camp

I can’t say I have any real criticisms for the event. For being totally free, the sessions were quality, the provided food was quality, and the event seemed to run without a hitch. At the speaker dinner which happened the Friday before the event, it was mentioned that there would be around 800 attendees and that this is the 3rd biggest code camp in the country.

If you’re into development, dev ops, or tech in general, I definitely recommend checking it out in the Fall.