Top Reads for July 2014

Here are the top readsĀ of articles, libraries, and websites that I found cool or useful for the past month. Enjoy!



Minimal Angular module/syntax approach using an IIFE
Using AngularJS with the ESRI JavaScript API
ng-token-auth – Angular.js token authentication helper
8 Things I Wish I Knew About Angular.js


Farewell Node.js
Beer Locker: Building a RESTful API With Node – CRUD
Build Your Own App Specific REPL For Your NodeJS App
Error Handling in Node.js
Making Express.js Authentication Fun Again


JavaScript Tree View
Helmet – Add basic http headers to Express.js
deb.js – Enhanced front-end JavaScript debugging
7 Patterns to Refactor Your JavaScript
Node.js Performance Tip of the Week: Managing Garbage Collection
buddy.js – Find JavaScript magic numbers

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