Top Reads November 2014

This time around I’m going to try and give a bit more context on each of things I want to share. I figured you guys would appreciate that more than just a list of links. I read and find quite a bit that I want other people to be aware of as well. Here are the top reads of articles, libraries, and websites that I found cool or useful for the past month. Enjoy!

I finally got around to updating some of my Github projects (jQuery Token Chooser and Vanilla JavaScript TreeView). I added README’s and tests to them so they are a bit more ready to be used. Check them out and let me know if there’s any bugs.

If you’re using  console.log to debug your JavaScript, there’s 5 functions that you may not know about that could be of great help. Things like  console.assert for some simple testing, and  console.table to print out tabular data to the console.

With Node becoming more and more popular, there’s going to security holes that get exploited. Here’s a collection of basic tips to help mitigate the risk your app has. I’m going to reiterate the first tip in the article, don’t use  eval anywhere in your code.

Recently, I created a quick project using AngularJS and Firebase. If you’re not familiar with Firebase, it’s a Backend-as-a-Service that gives you real-time syncing across devices. The cool thing it adds to Angular is three-way data-binding. It’s useful for creating simple prototypes or MVPs. Here’s a good article from CodeTuts to get you started.

If you’re getting going with Node, setting up a good IDE and workflow will make development quicker, and easier. Derick Bailey gave a talk on an IDE setup for Node.

Mongorito is a new MongoDB ORM for Node that takes advantage of ES6’s generators. It cuts down on the callback model the Mongoose uses to do querying. Check if out if you’re looking for something other than Mongoose.

Speaking of ES6 generators, if you are new to generators and want to know what they are all about, James Moore has a screencast on getting started with them.

Most of these links I share on my Twitter, so give me a follow if you want to get a more real time feed of JavaScript focused links and articles.

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