Top Reads February 2015

Here are the top reads of articles, libraries, and websites that I found cool or useful for the past month. Enjoy!

I’ve been doing research on changing my JavaScript code over to using ECMAScript 6. New concepts like generators, variables, and tweaks to scope, will hopefully make writing browser, and Node.js code, that much easier. I found a good introduction to generators if you have no idea what those are, and an explanation of new scoping rules.

There’s plenty of tools out there to make you write better JavaScript. Whether it be just knowing how to write more efficient code, or fixing issues with a static code analyzer, or even learning from other developers via screencasts.

Version 2 of Angular.js is starting to move along, and David East gave a first look at what development will be like with all the new changes they are making. Although it’s a complete rewrite, I’m glad they are embracing ES6 moving forward.

I’m going to finish this up with more Node focused points of interest. First off, I’ve taken a real interest into Docker and how it’s used to compartmentalize different pieces of an application. RisingStack posted an article on getting started deploying Node apps using Docker and Codeship.

Found an interesting article on caching Express views using Redis. Not to say about it other than it’s a good performance trick if your needed to squeeze more of out of Express.

Lastly, if you’ve been paying attention to the Node community, you should know that io.js was forked from Node to create a better governance model. If you’re comparing the two and want some performance numbers, this should get you started.

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