Node Digest Website is Up

I wanted to give an update on the newsletter I started a few weeks ago, Node Digest.

I mentioned before that people could start signing up by sending an email, this is no more. New members can sign up via the shiny, new Node Digest website!

I’ve also sent out a first issue to the early subscribers. To be honest, it was a surprisingly scary to send it out. Writing posts here is always easy for me. More because it’s a reference for myself, but I also know that I can always edit the content later. Not to say that I am not confident in the newsletter, but I have a small feeling of impostor syndrome.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it and I am hopefully  taking steps to getting rid of that feeling.

The Future

On the near horizon, the Node Digest website will gain additional features. Those hopefully being access to newsletter archives, and possibly adding a list of curated Node/JavaScript articles outside of the normal newsletter.

I want people to use Node Digest as a resource for not only staying up to date with what’s going on with Node, but to hopefully expand their own skills and become better developers for it.

I’m working on the first official issue right now so make sure to sign up before it goes out. 😛