4 Blogs to Make You a Better Developer

The internet is swarming with fellow developers sharing a number of things, my blog included. This can lead to information overload and not really know what to read and/or follow. Filtering that can be a daunting task and hopefully I can give you a place to start.

I follow a fair number of blogs and that list has grown and shrunk over time. Instead of bombarding you with the full list, I wanted to narrow it down to a select few that follow a certain theme. This is a collection of blogs to make you a better developer, not just from a writing code standpoint, but to enhance your career and be able to think on another level. Let’s get started.

1. Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer

I’m going to start off this list with probably one of my favorite blogs to follow, Simple Programmer. SP comes from John Sonmez, who is a developer turned entrepreneur. If you’ve poked around the internet, you’ve probably come across his name in one form or another. His focus is primarily on helping developers improve their careers and live better lives. He does thrown in a technical post here and there but the real meat is in his posts on marketing yourself.

Here’s some posts worth checking out:


2. Treehouse Blog

Team TreehouseTreehouse is a resource for learning almost anything pertaining to development, design, or starting a business. Although most of their courses are paid, they publish a ton of free content to their blog on a wide range of topics. The great thing about their posts, is that there’s bound to be something for any kind of developer. If you’re getting into a new topic, Treehouse would be a great starting point.

Some gems:


3. Coding Horror

Coding HorrorCoding Horror comes from the brain of Jeff Atwood. If you haven’t heard that name, I’m sure you’ve heard of Stack Overflow, in which he is a co-founder of. He says he posts for selfish reasons, but lots of it resonates with topics other developers are currently discussing as well. If you’ve been a developer for a while, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon one of his articles but I highly suggest poking around. There’s tons of awesome  reads.

Some of my favorite posts:


4. A List Apart

A List ApartWhat started as a simple mailing list, has now grown into a huge blog created from a number of different authors, including readers. The breadth of authorship means there’s articles from a wide range of topics with a particular focus on web technologies and best practices. The content is reviewed prior to getting published so all articles are to be of a certain quality. I will admit it may take some digging to find something in particular you’re looking for, but the articles themselves are great.

A few top posts:


For aspiring developers looking to expand their knowledge, I highly recommend subscribing to not only the blogs I listed above, but find others. There’s great pools of knowledge all over just waiting to be read. I listed more general topic blogs, but there’s niche blogs as well that serve the exact technology that you might be using at the time. I always encourage learning and free content is a great way to start.