JavaScript Doesn’t Suck

I stumbled upon this article the other day and felt that it was way off base. Though short, the writer makes some pretty bold assumptions on JavaScript development. Though it does mention the beautiful, intuitive syntax which gave me a slight smirk.

I wanted to put together somewhat of a rebuttal and defend JavaScript as to why it is the ways the writer says it is. And to show that JavaScript doesn’t suck.

Lack of Platform

In the article, one primary reason for accusing JavaScript of sucking was its lack of a universal platform. Per that argument, developers cannot focus on just application development.

To some degree, I can get on board with JavaScript not having a concrete development platform, but I don’t feel like this is holding the language back. In fact, I see it as a strength.

The lack of platform, is its greatest asset. This is why we see JavaScript running on iPhones, on Arduinos, in home automation gadgets. This flexibility allows developers to target almost any device or medium. How is this a knock against it?

No Consolidated Framework

I think the author was more referring to there being no ‘standards’ for JavaScript development, rather than no frameworks.

NPM has an extensive repository, and growing every day, of libraries that give just as much functionality as the .NET framework.

I feel this feeling comes from JavaScript not being a mature language yet. Ruby, C#, Java, they’ve been around the block and best practices have been established for years. We are reaching the growing pains in JavaScript that these other languages went through when they became popular.

What do you think?

If you’re on this list, I assume you’re interested in JavaScript in one form or another. How do you feel about the platform? Do you feel there’s a fragmented nature of packages right now?

Reply back and let me know.

– Justin