Top Reads September 2015

Here are my top reads for the month of September 2015. With the recent release of Node v4, a slew of new ES6 language features are available to Node developers. Although not all of them have been implemented fully, most of the key features are there for us to use.

This issue will focus on ES6 and give you some primer on moving into the future of JavaScript development.

Node v4.0.0 Released
Since I mentioned it in the intro, I didn’t want to leave out the official announcement of Node’s v4 release. Along with more ES6 integration, this is also another landmark in that it’s the first release of the merged codebases of Node and io.js.

An Introduction to ES6 Arrow Functions
Arrow functions are a neat feature of ES6 that makes writing small functions much cleaner. I recently wrote an article on some gotchas of using arrow functions, but if you keep those gotchas in mind, they are extremely useful.

ES6 Generators in Depth
Generators can be confusing and sometimes require a special situation in order to need them, but can make complex code simple. Especially when it comes to iterating over certain collections.

I’m happy to see the excitement around ES6 and that Node is starting to move forward at a somewhat faster pace. Have you started using any of the new features yet? Are there any you’re particularly excited about?

– Justin