About Me

The name’s Justin Chmura.

I started as a developer in junior high school programming calculators. Now, years later, I’m building public facing maps that serve the citizens of Scottsdale. Along the way, I’ve acquired a degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University, moved to the desert of Arizona, started sharing my experiences on this blog, and started a newsletter.

I’ve got experience doing full stack development. Everything from Node.js, C#, HTML, CSS, and client-side JavaScript, I’ve had a hand in it all. My primary industry experience is mostly in C#, but I’ve been a self-learner and taught myself those open source technologies.

Other than being a developer, I’m a soccer fan supporting my hometown team, Chicago Fire, and a handful of teams abroad. Avid gamer and recently become somewhat of a beer enthusiast.

You can also find me on TwitterGithubLinkedIn, Instagram, or Codepen.