Category: Development

My Struggles with TDD

If you’ve spent any amount of time being a developer, I’m sure you’ve heard of TDD, or Test-Driven Development. The point of TDD is that you write a failing test first, write the code to make the test… Read More

Angular.js: My First Experience

After finishing up two long projects, my next endeavor was to create an app for the local airport. They were looking for an app that was fast, small, and would update in real time. Doing a lot of reading on Angular.js recently,… Read More

Setting up Local Git Repository on Windows Server

I just had the experience of getting a local Git repository setup on a Windows Server. Since this is something that I know I’ll probably do in the future, I wanted to document my steps here, not only… Read More

Google Chrome’s Empty Cache and Hard Reload

I just wanted to share something that I only discovered about Google Chrome just yesterday. When developing the City of Scottsdale Maps on Chrome, we would always have issues testing in Chrome because of scripts and AJAX requests becoming cached…. Read More