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Empty File Inputs in IE9

In all web development, you run into a bug that’s specific to a browser/version, and defies common sense. At least common sense in the way web development can make sense sometimes. The past day or two, I have… Read More

Simple Gulp Workflow for React

On my newsletter, I recently shared that I’m taking a dive into learning React a bit. I’ve gotten to know the roller coaster that is Angular development and am ready to branch out. As I’ve stated before, always… Read More

3 Gotchas to Using ES6 Arrow Functions

With the recent release of Node v4 and the finalization of the new JavaScript spec, ES6 arrow functions will start to show up more and more in JavaScript code. If you aren’t familiar, arrow functions are just a… Read More

5 Node.js Tips for Newcomers

With the explosion of Node, there are many developers diving into it for the first time.¬†As everyone knows who has developed with Node for some time, there are a few concepts and gotchas that can cause some headaches…. Read More

Ramda: The Essential Functional JavaScript Library

Functional Programming. You’ve probably heard of it, lots of developers don’t know what it is. It’s programming with functions right? Lately, I’ve been doing some research on it and how I can use some of those concepts in… Read More