5 Node.js Tips for Newcomers

With the explosion of Node, there are many developers diving into it for the first time. As everyone knows who has developed with Node for some time, there are a few concepts and gotchas that can cause some headaches. Hopefully these will help with some of those problems. Read More

Node Digest Website is Up

I wanted to give an update on the newsletter I started a few weeks ago, Node Digest.

I mentioned before that people could start signing up by sending an email, this is no more. New members can sign up via the shiny, new Node Digest website!

I’ve also sent out a first issue to the early subscribers. To be honest, it was a surprisingly scary to send it out. Writing posts here is always easy for me. More because it’s a reference for myself, but I also know that I can always edit the content later. Not to say that I am not confident in the newsletter, but I have a small feeling of impostor syndrome.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it and I am hopefully  taking steps to getting rid of that feeling. Read More

Ramda: The Essential Functional JavaScript Library

Functional Programming.

You’ve probably heard of it, lots of developers don’t know what it is. It’s programming with functions right?

Lately, I’ve been doing some research on it and how I can use some of those concepts in some of my everyday coding. Although the concept may seem foreign in comparison to normal object-oriented programming, the fundamentals can be mixed in for cleaner code.

I know I’m blabbing about FP, but I wanted to share a JavaScript library I found that has taken the place of Lodash and Underscore in my projects, Ramda. Read More

Node Digest: All Things Server-Side JavaScript

I’m proud to announce the creation of my first newsletter, Node Digest! This is something I’ve been wanting to get off the ground for a while. I’m excited to get it out and to share all that I can on server-side JavaScript.

The primary focus, as in the name, is going to be on Node.js, or more generally, server-side JavaScript. Node is the new hotness in the development world and any knowledge that can be spread through the community I see as a good thing. Read More

Tiny JavaScript Tricks

Most of these tricks, build systems will do for you, so this isn’t something to be worried about during development. But if for whatever reason, you don’t have a build process, or you’re doing a programming problem, here’s some tricks to save even more space. Read More