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My Journey Into React.js

As I write this, my wife is in Portland on a business trip. I obviously miss her, but with my week of bachelor life, I’ve used it to start a journey into React. As into JavaScript development as… Read More

Top Reads August 2015

Here are my top reads for the month of August 2015. This month I wanted to change it up a bit, take a step back from the developer side of things. Recently, I’ve been trying to sort out… Read More

JavaScript Doesn’t Suck

I stumbled upon this article the other day and felt that it was way off base. Though short, the writer makes some pretty bold assumptions on JavaScript development. Though it does mention the beautiful, intuitive syntax which gave… Read More

Node Digest Website is Up

I wanted to give an update on the newsletter I started a few weeks ago, Node Digest. I mentioned before that people could start signing up by sending an email, this is no more. New members can sign… Read More

Node Digest: All Things Server-Side JavaScript

I’m proud to announce the creation of my first newsletter, Node Digest! This is something I’ve been wanting to get off the ground for a while. I’m excited to get it out and to share all that I… Read More