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Top Reads October 2015

If you celebrated Halloween, hopefully it was a great time. Halloween marks the coming of the holiday season so be ready, it comes up fast. Also, I apologize for this coming out later than usual. After enjoying my… Read More

Simple Gulp Workflow for React

On my newsletter, I recently shared that I’m taking a dive into learning React a bit. I’ve gotten to know the roller coaster that is Angular development and am ready to branch out. As I’ve stated before, always… Read More

Top Reads September 2015

Here are my top reads for the month of September 2015. With the recent release of Node v4, a slew of new ES6 language features are available to Node developers. Although not all of them have been implemented… Read More

My Journey Into React.js

As I write this, my wife is in Portland on a business trip. I obviously miss her, but with my week of bachelor life, I’ve used it to start a journey into React. As into JavaScript development as… Read More

3 Gotchas to Using ES6 Arrow Functions

With the recent release of Node v4 and the finalization of the new JavaScript spec, ES6 arrow functions will start to show up more and more in JavaScript code. If you aren’t familiar, arrow functions are just a… Read More