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Don’t Use var Anymore

As the web transitions to ES6, developers will need to break their habit of using var. The toolbox now contains const and let, which should replace var in all instances. Now that that’s out there, the real question now is which to… Read More

4 Node ES6 Features Available Today

ES6 is here and the recent versions of Node (> 4.0) have integrated some new features. There’s no need for using a transpiler since it’s built into the language now, horray! These features don’t require a rewrite of code, just keep… Read More

World’s Smallest JavaScript Router

In a recent project, actually still in-progress project, I needed a small JavaScript router that would fit the following requirements: Be Tiny Allow bookmarking of sub views Assume jQuery as the only available library I poked around the interwebs,… Read More

Top Reads November 2015

Holidays are in full swing. Peppermint lattes, last minute shopping, and being with family is on everyone’s mind. If you’re traveling, or staying home, hopefully I can give you the gift of good JavaScript reading. Let’s get to the… Read More

Empty File Inputs in IE9

In all web development, you run into a bug that’s specific to a browser/version, and defies common sense. At least common sense in the way web development can make sense sometimes. The past day or two, I have… Read More