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Top Reads October 2015

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If you celebrated Halloween, hopefully it was a great time. Halloween marks the coming of the holiday season so be ready, it comes up fast. Also, I apologize for this coming out later than usual. After enjoying my birthday, then Halloween, things got put on hold for a bit. Not anymore though, so enjoy more JavaScript goodness.

No real theme to these this time around, just some things worth sharing.

3 JavaScript ORMs You Might Not Know

Although I’ve heard of, and used briefly, Bookshelf, the other two I have not heard of. The article does cheat a little bit with Lovefiled, but each of them are definitely worth a look. Sequelize and Bookshelf are similar, with Sequelize giving some extra options regarding table relationships.

Top 100 most dependent upon packages

I’m sure any Node developer will find this interesting. At the top of the list, there’s not too many surprises. Although, lodash being in the top spot is definitely interesting.

Influences on ECMAScript 6

This lists some of the new features of ES6 and what other language inspired them. I found the ‘Species’ pattern something I didn’t know about until seeing this article. Poke around, it’s fun seeing where these things came from.

In case you missed it, I did release jshint-md-reporter. It’s nothing fancy, and does exactly as the name entails. Check it out and let me know if there’s any bugs.