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Life Update and Going Forward

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I know for the past two months I’ve been somewhat neglecting my blog (plus my newsletter, but more on that later) but I figured it was time to give a life update. It was not without reason though. I’ve recently had a big change in my life in that, I’ve left the government life behind and traded it for joining Pure Chat, an early stage startup.

If anyone has known me, you’ll know that joining a startup has been somewhat of a dream of mine (that or start my own :P). The whole thing came together pretty quickly but I’m more than excited to get in on the ground floor of an awesome team.

The Startup Life

It’s definitely been somewhat of a transition. Moving from multiple projects, to basically a single product, focusing on saving money to focusing on increasing revenue, and to having paying customers, all a paradigm shift for me.

Just to give a quick synopsis of the company. Pure Chat was born from a 30 day challenge that Axosoft put on once a year, which if you’re a developer in the valley and haven’t heard of Axosoft, definitely check them out. They decided it was good enough for it to spin off into its own product. At first it was just a chat company, hence the name. All of this was middle-ish 2012. Now, we just released our first major upgrade to the product in what’s called Visitors. Visitors shows you who’s on your website right now, what page they are on, where they came from.

From a developer stand point, things didn’t change all that much. The product is using .NET and SQL Server as the foundation. I know that .NET can be a dirty word when talking about startups, but lately there’s been some big strides in breaking down that barrier. We also haven’t run into too many issues that people have brought up lately about trying to move at a startup pace in the .NET environment. There is some Node and MongoDB sprinkled in some spots for what made sense.

Pure Chat WidgetYou’ll see in the lower right of my site, I’ve for now replaced my newsletter signup with a widget from Pure Chat. You can use that to send me a direct email. Not sure I’ll need real-time chat for my blog, but the Visitors feature alone is something I’m definitely using for my website.

Blog Updates

As mentioned in the intro, I’ve been not updating this thing as much as I would like to. Now that I’m on a new journey, there will be plenty more to blog about I’m sure. I’ll try and get more content for everyone. Hopefully some things of a different variety.

I turned off the newsletter for now until I further refine what I want to do with it. I enjoyed it while I had it going so it’s definitely on the radar.

Thank You

I’ll wrap it up here, but thanks to everyone who comes here. Hopefully I’ve been able to help someone out with some of my posts and that I continue to aid the developer community in some way.